Are you looking for a dentist in Red Deer to perform a whitening treatment on your smile? Teeth whitening is one of the most immediate ways to brighten the look of dull, discolored teeth and Healthy Smiles Dental is booking appointments now!

Remember that a family dentist is a dentist for children as well as adults. Whether you see a family dentist in Red Deer or a general dental clinic in Red Deer, your dentist has the tools and skills to help you along your whitening journey. You won’t need to see the very best dentist in Red Deer either, since teeth whitening is one unique area of dentistry that is most affected by the chemistry of the products used rather than the skill of application. This is the reason that we can sell products like teeth whiteners on the drugstore shelves.

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

If you have experienced teeth whitening products in the past and have found that tooth sensitivity kept you from pursuing treatment – there is still hope with Healthy Smiles Dental. Aching in the teeth and gums after whitening treatment can occur due to chemical burns to the gum tissue and/or compression of the tooth on the nerve chamber causing pain. When peroxide ‘bleach’ sits on the enamel, it soaks into each of its tiny pores until it reaches the material of the inner tooth – dentin. This is essential to the process, since the dentin is the surface that we are really trying to whiten. As the whitening process takes place, the dentin begins to dehydrate slightly, causing it to shrink. This puts pressure on the nerve of the tooth and can be uncomfortable for the patient for 24-48 hours.

If you have sensitive teeth, you might consider swapping any drugstore whitening products for professional products at your dental clinic. It’s likely that whitening toothpaste and gums make your teeth very sensitive without delivering on whitening due to the chemical strength restrictions placed on commercial products. Although it might seem counterintuitive, seeing your dentist for a professional strength product may offer a better experience if you have sensitive teeth. Although your dentist cannot stop sensitivity per se, he or she can offer you superior products to lessen the discomfort. For example, your dentist will coat your gums with a barrier product to contact with any irritant in the bleaching agent, and they will coat your teeth with a rehydrating treatment as soon as whitening is complete. This treatment cuts down on the time it takes for your teeth to rehydrate and keeps you more comfortable in the hours after treatment.

Teeth Whitening – Is it Safe?

Teeth whitening began as a formal service in the 1980s after it was discovered that when peroxide treatments were used on diseased gum tissue, it whitened the exposed teeth as an unintended side effect. Bleaching products now have a long history of use and are considered safe when used as directed.

Whitening or Veneers?

The choice to use tooth whitening or dental veneers to improve the appearance of the smile is typically evolves sequentially. First, patients try the least invasive option (teeth whitening) to achieve the desired result. When teeth whitening doesn’t work, they begin to speak to their dentist about the possibility of veneers. This can occur in cases where the inside of the tooth (the center of its core) is producing discoloration due to contamination of the previous restoration, like an old root canal. If internal bleaching is an option, your dentist is likely to recommend attempting to flush out, bleach, and reseal the inner tooth to eliminate the source of the problem. Outside of internal bleaching, your dentist may finally recommend a veneer to color-correct a problem tooth, or to offer a nicer shape and hue to the teeth at the front of the mouth.

Bleaching or Whitening?

You might be wondering: what is teeth whitening versus bleaching? While the two terms are often used interchangeably, teeth whitening technically means the process of removing surface stains on the teeth in order to whiten their appearance. Tooth bleaching, on the other hand, refers to what we now commonly refer to as ‘teeth whitening’, which is a process of using a form of peroxide to whiten the layer of tooth visible under our enamel. If you are attending your checkups every six months, you are already benefitting from polishing and scaling (previously known as whitening). If you’d like to go further in terms of color correction, however, you might consider adding chemical whitening treatments to your regular checkup and cleaning appointments.

Are You New to Red Deer?

Not from the area? To find a dentist, all you need to do is perform a “dentist near me” search in google. This will populate a list of Dentists in Red Deer and their contact information. Each dentist in Red Deer is likely to have a clinic listed whose patient reviews can be viewed to assist you in making your decision.

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